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The world needs leaders now who are ready to see a brighter future and a better tomorrow for us all. Thank you Deven Spear and the team at Overabove for the invitation to conversation. It’s going to take more than just talk to move us from where we are to where we want to be. We need to follow our thoughts and words with great action. Listen to our conversation, think about how it inspires your vision for the future, map out your action plan and follow through. I’d love to hear from you about what resonated, what created meaning for you and how I can help you become the great leader you are destined to be.


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A global firm with a distinguished reputation for designing and facilitating strategy conversations with executives, teams, and boards; we work closely with our clients to tailor well designed, expertly facilitated, and experience-rich off sites, workshops, and processes around critical strategic issues. The common thread behind all our work is helping to align, energize and inspire our clients to pursue their most meaningful opportunities.

Whether a client has engaged us for a single project, a strategy offsite or a multiyear change effort, our role is to help design and manage strategic discussions that align participants and move them to action. From the moment we collaborate to set objectives, we help maintain a balance of process, content and conversation. Our emphasis is on alignment to clear and positive strategies, building momentum, developing a high performance culture and mobilizing for results. It’s this ability to craft a compelling strategy while building a high performance team that makes us unique.

Happy Clients

Happy Clients

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Working with professionals from luxury and lifestyle brands around the globe, we have deep experience with the most important issues executives face. We deliberately straddle the line between strategy, process, facilitation and organizational development. Our goal is to become trusted partners and advisors to our clients on their most significant strategic issues.


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I’ve always had a passion for leadership, cultivating it in myself, and in others who want to make a positive difference and are willing to do the inner and outer work required to make their vision a reality. I believe there’s a power that comes from a clear, pure purpose. Helping leaders find it, gives depth to their vision, guides their strategy and gives rise to the culture that holds it all together. When leaders I work with get to this place, I know I’ve made a difference.

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